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if you think this escalated quickly you should have seen my face after i refreshed and saw the amount reblogs this got

the pokemon fandom goes hard

go hard or go home

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Someone just said God does not like murder. I’m pretty sure He murders a couple million people in the Bible. Oops

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People are Complaing That Drake Was Used a Prop in the Anaconda Music Video


Women are CONSTANTLY being treated as nothing but props and eye candy in music videos. Did you guys forget Burred Lines? Or Talk Dirty to me?

If you can’t handle a guy getting the same treatment, then fucking leave.

As a man, I’ve seen this reaction. (This applies to womanizers and assholes) Men are afraid of being put in situations in which they’re vulnerable. Pretty much what a lot of them do to women everyday. Hence mass homophobia amongst men. They’re afraid of being treated how they treat women. Boom

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10 Cities with the funniest names (Part 1)

More facts on Ultrafacts

don’t forget this wonderful place in austria

Has no one heard of Mianus, Connecticut? 

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I use tumblr more out of habit than enjoyment at this point

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but Peter Pan isn’t supposed to die

this is the saddest thing I have ever read

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Muscle gains, fat loss. 20lbs down since end of football season. 235lbs, 10 to go.

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Have you been binge watching The Office bc I've been binge watching The Office and I'm so glad I follow rn bc The Office❤️
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Honestly I just casually have The Office playing in the background 90% of the time. I’ve seen every season at least 5 times that show is muh life

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Well I did 6th grade wrong


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The Story So Far | Swords And Pens | radiicvl edit 
Flash art by Alexandre Lasevicius
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